What’s one thing you can’t travel without?

Travel Tips | Jan 20 | 2021 | No Comment

When I asked our travel advisors what one or two things they would never travel without here are the responses they gave and why. What can you never travel without?

Medical Insurance – You never know when you might get sick or hurt yourself.

A washcloth/puff – since they are mostly used in North America a lot of countries don’t have them and I like to use them in the shower.

A photocopy of my passport – in case I lose mine and proof is needed to replace it.

A small Ziploc bag with health essentials – my “Be Prepared” bag, it contains bandaids, polysporin, aloe vera gel, pepto bismol, antihistamines, Tylenol etc. I don’t take a lot just enough of everything to get me started.

My camera – because I love to capture moments for memories.

A reusable water bottle or two – fill them up before a long flight to avoid getting dehydrated while flying. If you’re travelling somewhere the tap water is safe, I find it convenient and more environmentally friendly to be able to refill my own bottle vs buying bottled water.

A couple of pens – you will always need one or someone around you will!

My IPod for my tunes- does that make me old school??