Destination of the Month - May
The Netherlands

The Netherlands is home to vibrant coloured tulips, windmills and picturesque canals.

An amazing way to discover The Netherlands is to rent a bicycle and bike along side the canals and gardens filled with tulips.Bicycles are The Netherlands major mode of transportation; something you will see on every corner of the street. The Netherlands is home to the most bicycles per capita and 36% of the population use bicycles as their main mode of transportation.

The top Dutch Foods to try while in The Netherlands would be:

  1. Olliebollen – a deep fried pastry with apple or raisins and rolled in powered sugar, typically eaten on special occasions.
  2. Bitterballen – an appetizer to the main course, they are delicious deep fried finger food and consist of a beef mixture on the inside, usually served with mustard.
  3. Stroopwafels – an after dinner snack with two waffle-like cookies filled with a caramel syrup in the middle.

The Netherlands has many historic elements dating back to the World War. Preserved houses such as the Anne Frank House and the Corrie Ten Boom house – The Hiding Place, where you can see real artifacts and take steps through the houses where it all occurred. A truly eye-opening experience.

A day in the life of a tourist in The Netherlands would consist of a visit to the cheese market, buying your own pair of hand crafted wooden clogs, a cup of tea at a street side cafe  and a visit to the Van Gogh Museum.

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