Destination of the Month - February
Santorini, Greece

With Valentine’s Day in the midst of this month it is only right to highlight one of the top romantic destinations in the world – Santorini, Greece. Santorini is a safe place to visit as a tourist and so is Greece as a whole. The famous white and blue washed island is absolutely picturesque & is a perfect place to visit with your special someone whether the occasion be a honeymoon, anniversary or even a destination you are ready to mark off your bucket list. Filled with absolutely stunning landscapes, architecture, volcanoes, and beaches.

Keep in mind that travel between late April and early November is the best time to go. The weather is warm and there is little rain. The months of December to March are the coolest months to visit.

While in Santorini, it is highly recommended to watch the Sunrise at Perissa Beach. Not many things are worth getting up so early for but this is an exception you would not regret.

Taking a stroll through the city alleys can be an amazing experience as you will see the traditional architecture of Santorini. The streets are narrow and it is almost impossible to turn a corner without taking a picture.

Santorini is considered a top wine destination in Europe. The flavor of wine here is affected by the island’s volcano debris. A winery tour is a must-do activity for anyone who loves wine!

There is a volcano of Santorini and yes, it’s amazing! You can either do an escorted hike or independently hike up this volcano. While here, you can also take advantage of the natural hot springs that are in the area.

Ancient Akrotiri is an archeological site that was discovered in the 1800’s. This city was destroyed by a massive volcanic eruption. Today, tourists can take tours to explore this ancient city that used to exist.

Ideally, you should plan to spend around 10 days in Santorini. This will give you time to see the sights and enjoy the island without feeling any sense of rush. If you are also interested in visiting the other Greek Islands such as Mykonos, Paros, Naxos, you could consider doing an island hop with Santorini as one of your stops- giving you a taste of the Greek Cyclades.

Check Santorini, Greece off your bucket list now!

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