Destination of the Month - January

Iceland is in the midst of an unprecedented tourist boom &  people visit the island for its stunning natural beauty during all seasons.   There is a reason some people call it “Planet Iceland”.   Stunning landscapes, mountains, geysers, geothermal pools, volcanoes, waterfalls, black sand beaches, icebergs- and so much more.

You can get a taste of Iceland by booking a basic package for a minimum of 3 nights which include your hotel stay, airport transfers, Golden Circle tour and several other add on options if you prefer.

Keep in mind that travel during winter months gives you as little as 4 hours of daylight depending on when you travel.   Summer gives you much more daylight – right up to golfing  at midnight!

The famous Blue Lagoon is popular for your first stop after an overnight flight and will avoid crowds.   Soak in the warm geothermal pools and get ready to start your trip off right.   Others prefer to book this package before flying back home.   The Blue Lagoon is situated half way from the airport to Reykjavik so it’s cost efficient to choose either one.

The Ring Road is the way to see much more of Iceland.   This route circles the whole country.   You can pre-book a packaged tour or do it yourself with a self-drive tour.   This tour is offered during the winter months, however, due to the unpredictable weather, roads can be closed and tours cancelled.   You need time to be flexible.

During summer months your options increase, obviously with longer days and better weather.

Don’t forget to give yourself free time for Reykjavik.   The city offers museums, art galleries, wonderful dining options, coffee shops, street food and plenty of bars.   It’s easy to get around by foot or a Hop On Hop Off bus pass.

Iceland is safe, everyone speaks English, tap water is potable, pretty much a cashless society.  Available through Jade Tours, G Adventures, Collette, Trafalgar and many others.

Check Iceland off your bucket list now!

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